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Topic: A mindless rant!!!!

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    A mindless rant!!!!

    I've been coming here off and on for about 2 years, and it's really only sunk in the amount of talent, and comradery that is present on these forums... For years I thought I was the only music junky, playing my guitar for 8 hours a day, and the piano/keyboard has become that same obsession.... Some people find it intimidating to hear such fine musicians, Like we have on these boards with their great demo's, I find it a source of inspiration.... I have listened to demo's on this board that are incredible... I guess what I really want to say is, I feel I'm in the midst of great people when I visit these boards... Like I said, it just hit me really, so I figures why not show my appreciation..... I was just listening to someones first piece, can't remember his name but, it was impressive for a first piece... It just kinda put things in perspective for me as far as this community.....

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    Re: A mindless rant!!!!

    Not mindless at all. One year ago, I wouldn't have known a quarter note from a whole note if it took a chunk out of my hind regions. Thanks to some hard work and study and some quality time with friends from the GPO community, my skills are improving and I'm learning quite a bit about music.

    Now I come here every day for inspiration and some quality time with the fine folks I've met these past 12 months. You won't find a better community than this one anywhere on the net.

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    Re: A mindless rant!!!!

    I agree with Joseph,
    This has to be one of the nicest and most useful (imho) places to come on the internet. I love the humor, the expertise, and acceptance you get here. I also love that with each demo I submit, I get not only complimentary replies(hope that continues ), but also, (and this is important), very good and detailed constructive criticism about how to make things more realistic, better structured, etc. Here I learn all sorts of things! Not only GPO related, but about ALL aspects of music. There are so many varied musicians and composers here, all of whom come from their own unique backgrounds and express their unique perspectives.
    It really IS inspiring!!!

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    Re: A mindless rant!!!!

    yea,,, what they said

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    Re: A mindless rant!!!!

    I understand. Every so often I feel almost intimidated by the amount of talent and accomplishment here. It’s almost like a kid going to the local park to play ball and realizing that the people around him are all on the Red Sox.

    But then I notice that no matter how talent the people are, no matter their accomplishments, nobody is standoffish or snobby – everyone is on equal footing, from the novice who has never put two notes together to the well-established composer.

    So instead of being intimidated I feel inspired – I put more time and effort into my studies and more thought into the music I write.
    Trent P. McDonald

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