Hi all,
Anyone ever heard of a way to trigger a macro keystroke via MIDI?
This is for a work around in Giga 2.54. If I change chorus patch to anything and back again, reset, the ringing stops for a reasonable time. Thought I might try to put this process at the begining of each file and get the chorus to work properly. (Of course it is not possible to do the obvious and have MIDI control of the patch numbers .... unless I have missed something) Now if someone from the development side tells me I don't need to change patches when I have all the control I would need via MIDI then I have to say fine ..... well thought out ...... now show me how to stop the bloody ringing that I seem to have got for free .... you didn't charge me for it, it was supposed to be a bonus .. yeah beware of greeks etc
It's a real pain having to try all this stuff when the NFX should just work .... we can get stripes in toothpaste these days, you would think that changing patches in an effects program would be childs play .......
Any reply gratefully received
Bryan H
Have a great Christmass ...