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Topic: Gigapulse routing

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    Gigapulse routing

    Hi, I read in the manual that we can route audio in order to go through Gigapulse, let's say, route some audio files from the sequencer in order to go to Gigapulse and then return either to the sequencer or just capture it...

    Can anyone who acheived this explain how this could be done?

    Thank you!

    (I am using a Pulsar 2 card, which is gsif compatible)

    And I got a silly question about how to use GigaPulse... but I woul also appreciate if someone could explain it...

    When using mics, the inputs are paired, so in order to use, for example, left and right front mics for a violin section and viola sections, should I choose left F mic and click on the violin position and then choose right F mic and click on viola position in order to acheive to correct spatialization? In the example shown in the manual you have to click everywhere in order to get the impulse response from the room, but if I do this for every instrument on a single Gigapulse for each instrument, my computer will propably implode!



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    Re: Gigapulse routing

    Routing audio into the Giga mixer requires a GSIF-2 compliant sound card. The Pulsar is only a GSIF-1 card.

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    Re: Gigapulse routing

    Damn!!! I guess this is now a matter of Creamware, but anybody knows if those drivers can be updated or should I think of another card?

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