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Topic: Kurzweil "scanner"?

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    Kurzweil "scanner"?

    This might be a little off-topic, but would anyone know what it means when a PC88MX tells you it's "Waiting for scanner"? Mine keeps waiting for this scanner and has stopped working.

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    Re: Kurzweil "scanner"?

    I wonder about the battery.

    I got the message that the batter was low. Kurzweil support said if I didn't save setups (which I don't) that I didn't need to replace it.

    Maybe I do.

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    Re: Kurzweil "scanner"?

    I've got a PC88 (no MX expansion board), and have never seen such a thing. I wonder if removing the MX board might fix the problem - at the cost of losing your GM sounds, that is...


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    Re: Kurzweil "scanner"?

    I may try simply replacing the battery first before I try removing electronic guts.

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    Re: Kurzweil "scanner"?

    Thanks. I didn't think about the fact that dead batteries could cause mayhem long after they're dead.

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    Re: Kurzweil "scanner"?


    Replacing the battery is job one.

    BTW, I had a broken weight on one of my keys. I think one of my kid's friends was playing the keyboard with his fist. I also had the case of the sqeeky keys. I looked into graphite and sprays to fix the squeek, and couldn't find anything.

    The solution for both was to have the entire weight set replaced. I had that done and the battery replaced for about $250 in Portland, OR. I'd swear that even the stock samples sound better! The feel is much smoother and even between keys now.

    Accodging to the technician (which sounds beneath the guy - he's an expert in the repair of classic organs), Kurzweil/Fatar updated the specs on the weight assemblies (3 for the 88) a number of times over the life of the product.

    Anyway, if your keys are a squeekin', you might consider having it refurbished. Mine now plays much nicer than anything that I could have bought for $250.

    Good luck with the battery and scanner error.


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    Re: Kurzweil "scanner"?

    Thanks, Lee.

    Someone on another forum suggested that when booting up the scanner looks to make sure no keys are depressed and that it may be a stuck key.

    Great, now I have a bunch of things try.

    Happy Holidays.


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    Re: Kurzweil "scanner"?

    Must've been a bad key/switch. I simply pressed every key, button and wheel a few times and now it doesn't hang up.

    I will definitely replace that battery, though, and start looking for someone to give the thing a once-over.



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    Re: Kurzweil "scanner"?

    Actually, Kurzweil tells me now that it's the battery. The trickle charge from a dead battery can cause boot-up problems.

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