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Topic: SAM Vs EWQL vs VSL

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    SAM Vs EWQL vs VSL

    Hey there guys..

    Im just wondering all of you opinions against SAM brass, EWQL Brass and the VSL Epic Horns...

    I really need to buy soon......cant wait for NAMM...


    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: SAM Vs EWQL vs VSL

    Gold: Nice Brass, but it needs help of other libs, I like solo horn a lot.

    SAM - Cheap, Big sounding, Many special effects, articulations, Multiple Mic position.

    Epic Horns: !!BIG!!Sound, Legato, Repetitions, Chords, Trills, this is a extraordinary set, but you must learn how to use it first....

    It depends on how much you want spend on it....

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    Re: SAM Vs EWQL vs VSL

    Well, im looking for that big epic sound, like, Lord of the Rings type sound....money is no object in this....its purely for the sound....

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: SAM Vs EWQL vs VSL

    i've done a short mockup of Prince of Egypt "goodbye brother" theme (by hans zimmer) with vsl epic horns if you want to take a look :


    i could have made the horns sound even bigger than that ! Just a question of programming (volume and reverb settings also)

    oh and also a "live performance" only using perf legato :


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