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Topic: Merry Christmas - My Christmas piece

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    Merry Christmas - My Christmas piece

    I just finished this. I know this is supposed to be for only GPO music but.... I LOVE the GPO library and am indebted to Gary for making it real for working musicians like me.

    This piece also includes samples from EWQLSO Gold and NI FM7

    I wrote a lot (my masters is in composition), but this is my first major attempt working with sample libraries and Sonar. Feedback is welcome!


    Ron Williams

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    Re: Merry Christmas - My Christmas piece

    pretty! I really like how it ends...


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    Re: Merry Christmas - My Christmas piece

    That was really brilliant Ron, I loved the awakening at the start and the lead in to a medley of well known hymns. I thought the arrangement and variations were excellent and were a treat to these ears which have become jaded, over the years, with the hackneyed rendition of carols. I'm in my second listen so that can't be bad....there's always something different and slightly unexpected which holds the interest.....not easy to do!

    I like this one!


    PS I do think that a piece like this would be very commercial at Christmas time....even if you sold the score! (not that we're interested in all that at this time of love and giving )

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    Re: Merry Christmas - My Christmas piece

    Very nice! I liked your chord substitutions.

    Post some more of your work, please.


    Larry A.

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    Re: Merry Christmas - My Christmas piece

    I agree with Larry - VERY interesting chord choices - fantastic!
    Very smooth production.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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