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Topic: Cheap Amp Plug?

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    Cheap Amp Plug?

    Now that I bought Franky's group buy's what are some cheap amp plugs to consider. I know about Izotope's but its still too pricey for me. Same for Guitar Rig. Any others worth mentioning?

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    Hi Joseph, I know these arent cheap but amplitube works well, that's what I mainly used for the demos, but I mean N.I.'s Guitar Rig really really rocks, love it to death.


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    Check this guy:


    The best recreation of Marshall JCM900 - and it's free.



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    Re: Cheap Amp Plug?

    Thanks, got that one from KVR and I can't wait to try it out.

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    Re: Cheap Amp Plug?

    The Native Instruments Guitar Rig is the best there is. Even if you don't play guitar that much it can double as an effect processor for different kind of applications. Certainly not the cheapest option but superior compared to the free ones and even Amplitube.

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    Smile Re: Cheap Amp Plug?

    For the best effect you could plug it into a real guitar amp, I have found that too many vst or dxi plug-ins slows your computer down to a crawl. I would use my little sweet sounding Peavey Classic 20 tube amp. For a chorus effect I would use my Motion Sound Pro3tT Leslie horn with a 12ax7 pre-amp tube in it.(Wicked Guitar Sound). If I wanted to knock the walls down I would use my old 1969 Marshall Super Tremolo, this thing doesn't have a master volume you have to turn it up full blast to get a good rock sound.
    Just my 2 cents

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    Re: Cheap Amp Plug?

    You can't go wrong with Greenamp II. And you REALLY cant go wrong with Greenamp II + Izotope Trash!

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