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Topic: SATA, Firewire, or USB2 extra drive???

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    Cool SATA, Firewire, or USB2 extra drive???

    Hi everyone. Just trying to beef up my laptop to run GigaPiano II.

    Which drive protocol would give best performance for storing samples ?
    SATA, Firewire, or USB2 ?

    Appreciate your opinions

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    Re: SATA, Firewire, or USB2 extra drive???

    I think the nominal transfer rates are usually quoted as:

    SATA 1500 mbps
    UATA 1000 mbps
    FW800 800 mbps
    USB2 480 mbps
    FW 400 mbps

    Any of the above will probably work to play gigapiano 2 live, depending on what else is going on. I know I can do it with samples on the internal drive while using either Tascam usb122 or fw1884 audio interfaces. But I'm thinking of adding an external hard drive myself for increased capacity. Something like this:


    Going external sata has the advantage of the highest performance and avoids conflicting with usb or fw audio interfaces. Just make sure where the power comes from... laptops don't provide a hard drive power connector: you'd need either a battery, an external wall wart, or perhaps a usb cable to deliver power to the sata enclosure.


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    Red face Re: SATA, Firewire, or USB2 extra drive???


    Thanks for your response. I checked out bixnet and their site looks good.

    I think SATA looks like a good bet. Wasn't sure because I got some contradictory info (from HP support, of all places) Otherwise I like my Pavilion.

    I've been able to run GigaPiano OK but have experienced plenty of pops and clicks (and the occasional BSOD, but that was before 3.03). I decided to go ahead and invest in the separate sample drive, as recommended, along with another gig of RAM.

    I also run Sonar 3. My MIDI/sound box is the m-audio Firewire Audiophile.


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