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Topic: How to authorize Atmosphere?

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    How to authorize Atmosphere?


    Just managed to install Atmosphere (dream synth module) and after launching Logic Pro 6 I opened it for the first time in order to authorize.

    I am using Power Book G4 which is not connected to the net so I had to do this authorization process on another computer.

    After entering serial number and challenge number I was given Response number.

    As I said my Mac is not connected to the net so I can't use this Copy - Paste function. I have to enter Response number manually and thats what causes problem. Those numbers just cant be entered in that little slot designed for them.

    What am I doing wrong here and is there any other way to finish this authorization process? I ve got like another 30 hours and there are still Stylus and Trilogy waiting to be installed.....

    Thanks everyone

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    Re: How to authorize Atmosphere?

    Copy to a text file and then burn to CD or floppy?

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    Re: How to authorize Atmosphere?

    Thanks, somehow I managed to do do it. Finally.

    Just one more question if it is not a problem.

    In Logic Pro 6 Atmoshphere opens fine, but when I want to start Cubase SX 2, during initialization I get this error message telling me that ".dat" file couldnt be found. and that I have to make sure that valid alias is present in the folder of my plug-in.

    Now I am not exactlly sure which folder is that....coz it works in Logic but not in Cubase.

    Thanks for advice and help

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    Re: How to authorize Atmosphere?

    My help is very limited, or better said, I need the same help because I am in the same procedure with Atmosphere, only maybe 1 step ahead.

    Make an alias of the .dat file, remove the word 'copy' from the extension, so that the name is exactly the same and place it in:

    drive > library > audio > plug ins > VST

    (and NOT in HOME > library > etc.)

    Then Atmosphere should occur in the VST instrument panel.
    And, if you go my way a new probem will arise:
    Authorization will be asked, you will get a response code that can not be pasted. I had to open Atm. several times before I could only type the response code.

    And then: every time I open, the authorization window occurs again and the response code is asked again. I can continue without filling the code, but then no library of sounds occurs. I authorized Atmosphere twice. Same result.

    I installed Trilogy, too. Same problem.

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    Re: How to authorize Atmosphere?

    Sorry... this beginner posted in the wrong thread, and part of the message above is inadequate.

    Anyway, my problem is related still.
    And not solved yet.http://northernsounds.com/forum/newr...te=1&p=238193#

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