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Topic: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

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    Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    Just wondering if this is worth getting (especially as I will be getting the guitar library from the C7 group buy)...I listened to the demo's and they seemed pretty good; plus at £23 it seems a decent buy. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Thumbs up Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    They rock!

    Two new products have impressed me this year:

    Stylus RMX (LOVE IT!) and ,,,,,Monzter Guitars!

    A great buy :-)

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    Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?


    But I was looking at buying the Celtic Whistles, Privilege Flute, Dusty Electric Mk11 and Angelic Vocal Pads.

    All their products sound awesome.

    Ben Horwood

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    Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    So 1-1 at the moment on this one!

    I do have the Angelic Vocal Pads sampleset and they are nice if you want the Enya style ooh's and aah's...

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    Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    Im buying it when I get some money into my account.

    1 h and 11 min remaining...

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    Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    Precision Sound should do a group buy

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharmy
    hi Ben,

    You said no. was wondering in reference to?
    I don't have the guitars, but all their products sound consistent and great (judging by the demos).

    Also, as of yesterday I bought the Celtic Whistles. These are awesome. Direct DL so no waiting.

    Now to stop myself from pressing the order button on the Privilege Flutes and Angelic Vocal Pads.


    Ben Horwood

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    Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    Ah...I misunderstood what you meant by the 'no' Ben...

    I did try to buy the Monzter Guitar set yesterday but for some reason it won't let me (I am awaiting a response to my email from Precisionsound).

    On the Angelic Vocal Pads front, there is apparently a v2 of this product in the works (I heard a demo mp3 some time ago) and so I don't know whether this will render the first sampleset obsolete or whether they cover slightly different territory. It may be worth finding out what the score is on this (and whether there is any kind of 'upgrade' for owners of the first set).

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    Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    I hade some problems buying the samples too, but I think their software is working now.
    I got:
    "Payment not accepted. Please check the card information that you have entered"
    When I tried a few hours later the purchase went through.

    After a few hours of composing I think I can say with authority that
    this sampleset has made every nu-metal band ever redundant.

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    Re: Anyone got Monzter Guitars?

    Thanks for the info Per....I just tried it again and it worked this time

    Now I just have to wait for my crappy dialup connection to download the file and see what they are like...

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