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Topic: Mackie Subwoofer

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    Mackie Subwoofer


    I'm trying a Mackie subwoofer and the result is great. The value : $1780.00 (Canadian) ... should I buy it ?


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    Re: Mackie Subwoofer

    Hmmm, it really depends on what monitors you are using. For example, if you use HR824's I don't think you need to supplement the low end any more.

    Adding a sub can in some cases be too much of a good thing and cloud your ability to hear accurately what is going on in your mix.

    I would proceed with caution, but if money is not that big of a deal then go for it!
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    Re: Mackie Subwoofer

    Yeah I'd like to hear what monitors you're testing them with...
    I just bought a pair of HR 624's not too long ago and when I get a bigger room may decide to go with a sub... so it'd be nice to get info about it.

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    Re: Mackie Subwoofer

    I'm mixing in 5.1 with two KRK 9000B (Left-Right) and three Mackie HR824 (Center-Surround Left-Surround Right). I use the subwoofer for a surround mastering ... not a stereo mastering. So, for the price ($1,780 CAN ... regular : 2,500 US) I have a look on it

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    Re: Mackie Subwoofer

    lol. I think you should match your monitors to get an accurate representation.

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