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Topic: Traditional Holiday Piece (Ho-hum, yawn...)

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    Traditional Holiday Piece (Ho-hum, yawn...)

    Here's a traditional holiday piece that uses all percussion samples. I used the EWSO platinum percussion module exclusively.


    Please give it a listen. I welcome your comments.


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    Thumbs up Re: Traditional Holiday Piece (Ho-hum, yawn...)


    I'm a huge fan of all the stuff you do. You're my secret weapon whenever I'm trying to persuade skeptical musician friends that samples can be angel toys as well as devil toys.


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    Re: Traditional Holiday Piece (Ho-hum, yawn...)

    Whenever anybody presents a computer made piece which displays attention to making it rhythmically alive and convincing, going out of using square quantisizing or static quantisizing loop templates or linear ritardandos/accelerandos, it always catches my attention a bit more. Personally have an Octapad II for playing the percussion stuff in myself to make it alive.

    This sounds good, Marko. Both sonically and rhythmically
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    Re: Traditional Holiday Piece (Ho-hum, yawn...)

    Sounds nice Marko, like it.


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    Re: Traditional Holiday Piece (Ho-hum, yawn...)


    Thanks. I like the metaphor of angel toys and devil toys. It's a good description for the creative and destructive consequences of sampling technology

    Thanks Tomke.

    I tried to play a bit ahead of the beat with some of the instruments and I imagined "What would Art Blakey do in this situation?"

    Thank you Luca.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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