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Topic: GS Compatible with Audition?

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    GS Compatible with Audition?

    I'm new to this forum and would appreciate some advice from GS users.

    1) Is anyone using GS3 with Adobe Audition 1.5?

    2) My MIDI Samp/Seq is an Ensoniq ASR-10...Should/would that work as the MIDI controller for GS?

    3) What I want to do is record a MIDI sequence utilizing different sample libraries available for the GS and then record the actual audio outputs of the various instrument channels into Adobe for further editing, processing and mixing...Is GS going to allow me to do this?

    4) Any other advice or suggestions?

    BTW, I have a PC, WinXP Home, 1GB RAM, 80GB internal HD, 120GB external Seagate HD (and will add more if needed)...I'm also considering adding the UAD Project Pack-1 (their tech support isn't offered for AA 1.5 but they tell me it should work)...

    Finally, should I (and I can) set up a new computer dedicated solely to running GS and then save the MIDI files to be transferred to the computer running Audition?

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: GS Compatible with Audition?

    I have GS 3 and Audition 1.0. I think 1.5 should have re-wire support so it might work. I didn't have time/wish to upgrade yet, so I couldn't verify that. You may try to ask Adobe Tech Support to see if they tested version 1.5 with GS 3.

    As usual, although both GS 3 and Audition 1.5 support Re-wire, you never know until you actually try.


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