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Topic: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

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    Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?


    I'm pretty new to all of this. Checked out the demos on these babies and would like to hear an impressive non-voiceover clean ultimate strings demo, if anyone could help me... I heard this from session strings and was blown away

    I did do a forum search for ultimate strings and many many demo mp3 links dead, so please don't tell me do a forum search first

    So I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me figure this out,

    (i dont even own gigastudio -- will be using SFZ by converting the gig to sf2, then when I have the money, will buy SFZ+ )



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    Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

    Hey thanks! That's my demo. I don't own Ultimate Strings but I think Prime Sounds Session Strings are utterly fantastic for chamber pieces. The samples are from a small group. 4 Violins, 4 Violas, 2 Celli, and 2 Bass all have 4 separate articulations- legato, spiccato, tremolo, and pizzicato. They are really great sounds. I bought them for $99 (US) and seriously folks, this is a steal. They put to shame my HALion String Edition and are on par with my VGL bundled string sounds (which are also quite good).

    I use them with Kontakt sampler player but it comes on multi-format disc that reads in HALion, EXS24 and Kontakt. Cannot go wrong in my book.

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    Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

    heh, yeah I'm not really sure if I want session strings yet or not... I really would like to hear some kind of demo for ultimate before i make the plunge... I don't write chamber music, if you want to hear what I do make, http://tcp.caveproductions.net

    I kind of want to make sounds that would be not too distant from the sounds in the verve's "bittersweet symphony"


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    Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

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    Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

    yes yes yes, im asking for a demo without vocals talking over the strings, and without other instruments accompanying them


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    Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

    I received my Session Strings last week, and only had the time to make this small test (30 minutes of work or so)
    It's out of the box, no eq, reverb or anything


    The attack on the sustained notes is maybe too slow, and the ambience noise too high sometimes, those are the only things i can complain about

    On the other hand, great ambience specially when using the release patches, very good performance, and only 85€!
    I mean, for that price i think they're definitely worth it

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    Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

    Check your PM Ron

    The session strings legato does sound very nice!. I haven't heard it before.

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    Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

    all I can say is, wow thank you both!

    Im definately going to buy this before that deal runs out.


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    Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

    I saw your asking about Ultimate Strings, and i Must say, I use these the most of anythuing i have. they always have a rich, warm feel to them, and the Short Bows are to die for!


    ^^^ Pure Ultimate Strings

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Question Re: Ultimate strings / Session Strings ?

    Hey Sam, your link is not working. I'd love to hear your demo.....

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