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Topic: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

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    Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    Hi, I'm jon and I'm new here. My sister has hinted that GPO may be in my stocking this year. I think it will help me cut down on rehearsal time if I am able to sequence the parts first. I've done this with synth's before so no big deal. I will probably want to add a lot more than orchestral instruments to my future compositions to keep up with what I'm hearing in film and TV scores.
    What are most of you embellishing GPO with??
    Thanks and happy holidays.

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    Thumbs up Re: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    They aren't all libraries, but many are sample-based and all go toward helping me create complete productions:

    1. anything Scarbee
    2. anything BelaDMedia
    3. Art Vista Malmsjo Piano
    4. anything Arturia
    5. reFX/Steinberg XPhraze
    6. Bornemark/MI7 Broomstick Bass
    7. Bornemark/Steinberg Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition
    8. Voxengo Pristine Space with Spirit Canyon Audio Impulses
    9. Plogue Bidule
    10. anything iZotope

    I would recommend any of them before adding anything orchestral above and beyond GPO. There's so much "interior" to explore there that it will be a while before you need to add a library with more specialized detail. And by then, Garritan's Big Band add-on should be out.
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    Re: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    The list of what I use is in my sig. I play guitar so I don't have any guitar libraries yet, and waiting to hear one that sounds good!

    Anyway, the following has worked well for me with GPO/GOS:

    Bela D Media Diva and Diva Extended (www.beladmedia.com)
    Garritan Orchestral Strings (www.garritan.com)
    Lastufka Libraries Acoustic Bass (www.lastlibs.com)
    Scarbee Imperial Drums (www.scarbee.com)
    FXpansion's BFD [Big Friendly Drums ] (www.fxpansion.com)
    Post PMI Emperor and Old Lady (www.postmusical.com ??)
    Art Vista Malmsjo Acoustic Grand (www.artvista.com)

    EDIT: I wrote out the full names in case you weren't aware of all the abrieves.

    I notice Houston and I overlap on some of our libraries. OT: Houston, how is the Virtual Guitarist?
    Lincoln Flesch
    Diva, GPO, GOS, LastLibs Bass, Scarbee's SID, BFD, Post Emperor and the MAG.
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    Re: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    Ya know, I haven't used much to embellish GPO except for live saxophone, which I need for a current musical I am doing. I opted to call in a couple of players I've worked with in the past to play the parts mainly due to the lack of what's out there. I haven’t heard anything that I liked so far that I would add. Garritan pledges some real nice sax sounds in the up and coming Jazz library. I have plenty of time to wait for a product that has proven to be most effective for the money what ever the price may be on the new lib. Although, a nice chorus lib would be the only real plus to “embellish” GPO.

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    Re: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    Quote Originally Posted by Link F.
    Art Vista Malmsjo Acoustic Grand (www.artvista.com)


    I notice Houston and I overlap on some of our libraries. OT: Houston, how is the Virtual Guitarist?
    Good call on the Malmsjo! I have that and love it - just slipped my mind at write-time. I should've put the Steinberg stuff on the same line so I could have squeezed that in - have used it in a film/short and love its dark character.

    VG and VGEE are great - but they really must be used carefully. I've never used them without a significant amount of pattern modification (using the mod-wheel variation trigger as well as building my own patterns with it on MIDI channel 16) and a good layer of effects. Most often I'll pipe them through iZotope's Trash or Spectron (the phase on it is incredible) and have never stayed with the factory settings for doubling and mic position. I guess the coolest thing about it is that you can treat it like "effecting" a real guitar and get a realistic result. Most folks who dog it usually are the ones that pullup a factory preset and sit there holding middle C and wonder why it sounds like a synth.
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    Re: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    I would add something from the SAM library too - probably SAM Solo Sessions is the pick of the bunch. You can download a free demo, and if you have a sample player stretch their demo samples and patches across their full range and they still sound neat.


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    Re: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    To break it out of the orchestral realm, may I suggest:

    1. NI Reaktor
    2. NI Absynth

    More fun I could not have!

    Oh, and last but not least:
    3. Human being and microphone - I know that's a little daring, but it's just the ticket some times
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    Skysaw's additions shamed me into adding two others that slipped my mind, along with Malmsjo Acoustic Grand. So I rearranged a bit to keep it to 10 items.

    I just downloaded Bidule a few days ago, and still fathoming what a stunning achievement it is. Xphraze was one of my first softsynths, and was the most memorable, as it gave me confidence to sell my trusty SY99 once and for all. Although the factory programming can be considered a disappointment, compared to the its vast capability - it's one of the best wavesequencing synths out there - and is as good as any at producing shimmering, undulating sounds of all sorts.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Top Ten Libraries to embellish GPO

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'd never heard of any of these companies before, but I've listened to demos of all of them and I'm really amazed at how live some of them sound. The GPO was not in my stocking because the music store my sister went to was out of stock, so I have a gift certificate now.
    In reading these forums I realize I have a lot to learn that has nothing to do with music and basic sequencing. I'm looking for a film composer to study with and I hope to find one that can provide me with some of the non musical techniques needed to pull off a score without live players.
    So thanks a million and have a Happy Holiday season, all of you.

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