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Topic: Logic 5.5 & EWQL Gold

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    Logic 5.5 & EWQL Gold

    WIll the EWQL Gold bundle be usable with Logic 5.5 Windows? Can the instruments be converted to use the EXS24 sampler, or do they need to be?



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    Re: Logic 5.5 & EWQL Gold

    I would think that the VST version of the Plug-in would be fully compatible with Logic 5.5 Perhaps I'm overlooking an obvious detail, but I don't think you would have a problem just like Cubase users wouldn't.

    For this type of inquiry, I would think it's best to contact Doug and East West directly rather than rely on feedback from the forum.
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    Re: Logic 5.5 & EWQL Gold

    I just got it last week and am using it here on Logic 5.5.1 Windows. My PC is a P4 2.6 GHz with 1GB PC3200 dual channel RAM. I have the library on an S-ATA drive and Kompakt (which comes with EWQLSO) on the same drive as Logic and it all works flawlessly. Go for it.

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    Re: Logic 5.5 & EWQL Gold

    I would be careful about Gold on the PC. I have it on Logic 5.5.1 on a good PC and have been using it successfully. However, the last software update caused the famed "hung note" bug where if you play a partial sequence, then rewind, the audio completes the notes that were playing unless you have that track selected.

    Not a huge problem if you're doing percussion or just short notes, but if you're using loops or long notes it will drive you nuts very quickly. As soon as I reverted to the previous software, the problem went away. This is an NI/Emagic problem that will not be fixed since Emagic is now Mac-only. GPO and Stormdrum do the same thing as do other softsynths. That's why I'm getting ready to get a Mac rather than switch to another software.

    If you do get Gold and it works perfectly after installing the latest software version, PM me so I can find out how you're making it work!

    Good luck,
    PS. You're gonna love EWQLSO!

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    Re: Logic 5.5 & EWQL Gold

    One other thing. You can't convert it to EXS24. However, if you get Kontakt, you can open the programs there and then do your own keyswitches and so forth.

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