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Topic: EWQLSO GOLD on a 1GHZ G4 with OS9?

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    EWQLSO GOLD on a 1GHZ G4 with OS9?

    Is it worth it? Anyone sucessfully using this config? Currently running Cubase VST 5.2 and Gigastudio 2.5 on a P111.
    Or am I better to just wait and get a dual 2.5 G5?

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    Re: EWQLSO GOLD on a 1GHZ G4 with OS9?

    I have a dual boot, dual 1 ghz G4 (Logic/TDM in OS 9 and X on separate drives) and was advised by the very wise Nick Batzdorf that Gold does not work so hot in OS9, so go with OSX. So I just installed in OSX and he's right, it works quite well. In fact I was quite surprised at how well and how much I could load.

    Lee's also right. OS9 has been abandoned in terms of support by most everybody, so its good to get up to speed in OSX any way. Believe me, I held on tight to 9 until recently, because of its stability. But it was finally time to get on board with the new stuff.

    John Z.

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