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Topic: DFD in Kontakt and GPO

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    DFD in Kontakt and GPO

    Hi, I've got both Kontakt 1.5 and GPO installed in one pc. Seems like I can't enable DFD in Kontakt only, while another instance of GPO without DFD is running. In this instance, even when the DFD in Kontakt is "active", everything still loads into the ram.

    I wanted to do this so I can use more instruments than the 1Gb ram I already have. Is there a way to overcome this?


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    Re: DFD in Kontakt and GPO

    You will not be able to load many more GPO instruments with DFD except larger instruments such as the piano. Since the GPO instruments are memory optimized, you will not see much savings. Also with DFD enabled, you will have less polyphony. DFD works well for larger patches especially in other libraries.

    You can verify that DFD is enabled by the display in Kontakt in the top right. If it shows disk activity, then it is using DFD.

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