Where to start.

Mac/Logic 7 host
PC running EAst West Gold, GPO, Stylus and other VST/stand alone instruments...and Giga 2

Right now, I just open EW Gold stand alone and can use the 8 channels no problem. Connected via SPDIF and midi. No problems at all. But I can't open Giga 2 and have EW Gold open at the same time and only use the SPDIF out. So I assume going via LAN or Firewire will be the ticket.

I see FX-Max is n't for Mac yet. So that's out.

But the others?

What are people using who are using Mac as Seq host and PC as VSTi host and Giga host?

Thanks. I'm a little confused as to which will allow me to run these VSTi and Giga at the same time on the same computer...flowing into Logic.