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Topic: Windows XP and RAM

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    Windows XP and RAM

    Hi everyone,

    Not a hardware question as much as an OS question, but this seemed like the best forum to ask.

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe that the most RAM that GigaStudio 3 can benefit from in Windows XP is 2 GBs, right? Even with the registry tweaks, it can't use up more than 2 GBs. That's how I understand it anyway.

    However, is 2 GBs the most that Windows XP will allow to all applications, or just to a single application? What I'm getting at is: if I were to install 3 GBs of RAM on aWindows XP machine and run both GigaStudio and Kontakt on that same machine, could Kontakt use the extra 3rd GB, while GigaStudio is using the first 2 GBs? Or is 2 GBs what would be available in total for both applications?

    On a very related note, does anyone here use both GigaStudio and Kontakt (or Kontakt player, for EWQLSO for example) on the same machine? If so, how well does it work? Anything to watch out for? I'm guessing it must be best if both applications are streaming samples from different hard drives, but apart from that, anything else to worry about?


    P.S. I would like to run both applications on a dedicated machine. No sequencer or any other application but those 2 running on that PC.

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    Re: Windows XP and RAM

    I am not sure about your RAM question. I believe it is 2 Gig max for any app. but I could be wrong.

    I am running both Giga Studio 3 Orchestra and Kontakt or Kompakt on a single machine without any problems. (Hyperthreading is turned off - I haven't tried turning it back on since upgrading to Giga 3.0. It used to crash my PC everytime with Giga 2.5. I might try turning it back on as I hear it is working okay with most machines now.) I use this PC for samples only. Right now both the Giga and EWQLSO samples are on the same HD. I guess it would be better to buy a 3rd HD eventually. I bought V-STack so I can open multiple instances of Kontakt or Kompakt. In stand alone mode if you try to open more than 1 instance it usually crashes the audio card or OS. My DAW is Logic on a Mac. I have a Tascam PCI-822 card patched back to my Mac's audio interface (MOTO 2408 Mk3) with a TDIF cable. It also has 2 MIDI ports I/O. It gives me 8 channels of audio out of the PC and 32 channels of MIDI going in. I downloaded the demo of MIDIoverLAN to network the MIDI between the 2 machines, but so far I haven't managed to get it working. Still dickin' around with it . . .

    Merry Christmas!

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    Re: Windows XP and RAM

    Windows XP allows 2 GB for the Kernel and 2 GB for user level (programs). Giga is written in the kernel so it is limited more. You may be able to run other programs in the other 2 GB with with more than 2 GB of memory although I haven't tested it. I prefer to run Giga on it's own machine for stability purposes. If it crashes, it will mean reboot.

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