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Topic: Question about Bosendorfer 290 Giga updates

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    Question about Bosendorfer 290 Giga updates

    This is a copy of a message that I sent Michiel Post a little while ago, but I didn't get a reply. I thought maybe someone here could also help?



    Hi Michiel,

    I bought your Grandioso Bosendorfer 290 (Giga version) a few months ago, but have only had to chance to play with it just now. It sounds fabulous! Congratulations.

    I just have one quick question. I want to use the piano with the Maple plugin in order to have the repedalling function, but I'm not certain what updates are needed and in what order I must install them.

    - Do I have to install the "Bug fixes and 16 layer dry" update as well as the "Maple articulation 4" update?

    - If yes, should I install the "Bug fixes and 16 layer dry" update *before* the "Maple articulation" and "Bosendorfer extra files" update?

    - Finally, should I install the "Maple articulation 3" update prior to the "Maple articulation 4" update, or can I go ahead with "Maple articulation 4" right away?

    The reason I'm asklng is that when I tried to update, the GigaStudio Editor often gave me a message that the articulation files were created using a different sample pool than what I have, so I'm wondering if I'm doing it correctly.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I only a DRY 16 layer instrument with pedal release samples (dry B290 16 layer MAPLE releases). Should there be a wet one as well? Just wondering...

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    Re: Question about Bosendorfer 290 Giga updates

    Giga 3 should be able to do this without Maple, no?

    Some enterprising person needs to program it...

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    Re: Question about Bosendorfer 290 Giga updates

    While we're on the subject: What samples, exactly, and how many, should I expect for the WET Bos pmi in GS3 format? (just wondering whether I have them all)

    Also, is there any obvious way in GS3 to combine into ONE sample the release sample (Wet Bos) and the sustain + 8 layer sample (also Wet Bos)????

    Merry Christmas all,


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