I'm sure most of you have a sound effects library or two in audio CD format.

I have Premier Ed. 1 and the Cartoon Trax. Both sets in audio CD format.

I usually rip the CDs (with EAC) and download the .pdf of the track listings. My libraries folders and contents usually look like this (for Premier Edition CD 1 it looks like PE1/Track 1..etc) So I have use the pdf to find the CD number and the track number)

But recently, I put in a SFX CD in iTunes and noticed that when it accesses the databse of track names on the internet, these SFX CDs names turn up with full details. Great!!

So, I've taken to riping these SFX CDs in iTunes as stereo aiff files and under preferences/importing I make sure to keep the track number on the CD. So now my aiff files names appear something like this (i.e. 01_Cough)

Now any of you Mac users know the Finder has a very fast search engine. Now I don't even need to use my .pdf files of the track listings. If I want a 'UFO' sound I can simply type 'UFO' in the Finder search engine and all those files with 'UFO' reveal themselves. Ready for drag and drop into my sequencer.