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Topic: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

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    Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?


    in Giga 96 (2.5) my Midi channels 3 and 4 are greyed out. Is this something that is limited by my hardware or Giga itself.

    I am asking cause it appears that with the Old Lady I should be able to load it with three ports simultaneously. I have never done that before.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    Are you loading the VSL perf tool?`If you are, dont to that til after you have opned GS

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    Hi Marcussen,

    VSL performance tool with the Old Lady Piano? Are you sure?

    If so, where would I get that?

    thank you

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    No no... but maybe you had soem VSL stuff and then out of habbit loaded it up...

    You could try maybe reinstall either GS or your soundcard

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    Hi Marcussen,

    do you know if some cards are limited to just two midi channels?

    I have a Soundblaster Live that came with the computer (for midi).

    The audio card is a M Audio Delta 66 with the breakout box.

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    I believe this is a limitation of Giga 96, which only has two MIDI ports. Giga 160 has four ports.

    Best Regards,

    - Steve

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    thanks Busybox.

    I have been thinking of upgrading but I got Giga 96 (I upgraded from 32) many moons ago before Tascam. It took quite a long time before my system performed without problems.

    I am afraid if I upgrade I may go through problems again. I don't know that much about computers or Giga for that matter. I always hope to install something and have it work right out of the box.

    Does anyone know if this extra Midi port is essential to fully appreciate the sound of the Old Lady piano?

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    I dont have Old Lady - but I highly doubt that you would ever need more than two ports for a piano. If I understand you correctly you only have two ports - meaning you have 32 midi channels. This allows for 32 articualtions which I dont think any piano would require? It would only be a problem if you want more instruments than just a piano, in which case you might run out of channels fast

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    This is a limitation of Giga 96. You need Giga 160 to access all 4 MIDI ports. Giga 96 only gives you 2 MIDI ports and 96 note polyphony.

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    Re: Midi Channels 3 and 4 greyed out?

    I have the Old Lady and Giga 160, where it indeed sounds wonderful with 3 MIDI ports. The Giga MIDI ports are not used for more channels, but instead are "chained" to allow more layers (release, pedal up/down, etc.) to play concurrently. This is a unique feature (quirk?) of Giga 2.x. Giga 3 has removed some of the limitations that made use of such "chained" MIDI ports necessary in Giga 2. You should be able to play the Old Lady with less ports by giving up one of the layers, but of course the sound will suffer for it.

    I'm not sure you can even upgrade Giga (2.x) 96 to 160 anymore. You might consider upgrading to Giga 3, and the 24-bit Giga 3 version of the Old Lady while you're at it.

    Hope this helps,

    - Steve

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