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Topic: Help! Atmosphere and DP 4.5

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    Help! Atmosphere and DP 4.5


    First of all, Happy Christmas to everyone.

    I'm running DP 4.5 on a G4 MDD, 1,5 Go Ram, OS X 10,3,7.

    This evening, DP cashed while I attempted to load an instance of
    Atmosphere. From then on, Atmosphere, Stylus (the older version), and
    Plugsound have cashed DP. I trashed Motu prefs, audio unit info cache,
    repaired permissions.... and the problem persisted (the plugins would
    not pass the AU examination process). I then reinstalled DP 4.5. Still
    screwed. Reinstalled Atmosphere. Repaired permissions and rebooted as
    often as possible... to no avail.

    I would appriciate any help... I'm really cluless concerning this
    issue. Would reinstalling OS X 10.3.7 help?

    Thanks for your help.


    P.S : I have NOT installed DP 4.5.1, and I'm using the latest versions
    of both plug-ins.

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    Re: Help! Atmosphere and DP 4.5

    Sorry to hear of your trouble.

    I had some trouble - different from yours - a while back (also DP user but 4.12), and Spectrasonics suggested the repair permissions routine - but cautioned to be sure to do so having booted from the OSX install CD, and to do it a couple (or more) times. This made a difference for me.

    Good luck

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    Re: Help! Atmosphere and DP 4.5

    I too feel your pain.. Two of us on two separate computers had this same problem happen at virtually the same time ( I'm in Logic - he's in Protools) ... After countless hours of trying everything under the sun, it was suggested by Spectrasonics tech support that we repair permissions after booting from the osX CD-Rom - doing it from the installed OS does not work. They also suggested to do it three times ( not needing to reboot after each time) This fixed the problem. A week later it happened again... and it was repaired again.. now its been 2 weeks without any other problems. My friend has also been in the clear... Hope that helps


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    Talking Re: Help! Atmosphere and DP 4.5

    Whoooooa... dnortana, ACProds, you guys saved my day!

    This worked (repairing permisssions from install disc). I wish I could have spared the 12 hours or so of research/system surgery...

    Definitely happy new year 2005 to you guys!


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