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Topic: GigaStudio and Error Code 5

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    GigaStudio and Error Code 5

    I have maybe an old problem, but i really dont know what to do...

    i have athlon 1,8 ghz 512 mb ram 2x 7200 rpm HDs

    gigastudio, xp and cubase sx...

    if i want to load more than maybe 100mb of samples i get this error message:

    error code 5, unable to allocate the required memory...

    i already tried cacheman, but i really cant find a solution for this problem

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    Re: GigaStudio and Error Code 5

    I\'m also seeing this problem for the first time ever. I\'ve been using Gigastudio with Windows 2000 since the first of the year and haven\'t seen a problem until now. I\'m sitting at 46% memory and can\'t load anything more. What is this problem? What do I do?

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