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Topic: Thanks for GPO . . . very impressive !

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    Smile Thanks for GPO . . . very impressive !


    Just wanted to thank everyone at Garritan for the great products they've made . .I know they worked hard at doing this to make our lives a little easier and for us to go ahead and just write some music !

    Hope you all have a great Holiday Season and look forward to a new year of inspiration .

    Here's a little Xmas thing I did the other day . . the first section is basically GPO - ( violin, cello, harp ) . . . .the second section has GPO in for some woodwinds and trumpet . . organ at the end.

    Hope you enjoy it and thanks so much again.


    All the best,


    Larry Ortega
    LJ Productions

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    Re: Thanks for GPO . . . very impressive !


    Thanks for extending Christmas for us. Very nice use of the harp.

    Very good first work you posted with GPO. Looking forward to hearing more of your music.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Thanks for GPO . . . very impressive !

    Thanks Neo and thanks Gary . . .

    I just tried it out for the first time and was so nice to get some great results right away . . . what a fantastic job you've done with this and look forward to using it more .

    Hope you have a great Holiday Season.

    Take care,


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