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Topic: DFH: Superior hardware question...

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    DFH: Superior hardware question...

    Should I get a dedicated SCSI hard drive for my DFHS (40GB) that's housed on the same PC as my sequencer? Is it worth it? Or just a dedicated hard drive period, regardless of scsi or not.

    I have a separate PC for GigaStudio and its sounds now. I didn't want to put DFHS on that PC.

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    Re: DFH: Superior hardware question...

    No SCSI, please see this thread



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    Re: DFH: Superior hardware question...

    Thank you. I think I'll be going SATA.

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    Re: DFH: Superior hardware question...

    Since DFHS does not stream, a dedicated hard drive may not be necessary at all. You would probably get just as good of performance putting it on your system drive, assuming it would fit.

    I repeat: Since no real-time hard drive access is required for the samples (i.e. they sit in RAM), a dedicated hard drive would be of no real benefit. If you don't have enough space to store the samples at this time that is another matter...


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    Re: DFH: Superior hardware question...

    Ok .. Thanks - then maybe another GB of RAM will do the trick. I do need another HD, since this 40GB lib will put my sequencer PC at about 5GB remaining. NOT GOOD.

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    Re: DFH: Superior hardware question...

    I run Superior with 1 Gig RAM no sweat, but I'm not trying to get a whole kit to run real time. DFHS has a "cache" mode where it only loads samples it specifically needs over the course of a given sequence that saves a ton of RAM. The trade-off is a slight stutter the first time it encounters any given sample as it loads in (the next time through it will already be there and play flawlessly)

    So if you want to preload whole kits, get the RAM. As far as drives go any new 7200 rpm hard drive is going to work fine. Using a dedicated drive might buy you a few seconds when you render a track but if you're that impatient you won't get along with Superior in any event.

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