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Topic: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

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    The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    Our thoughts go out to the people whose lives have been devasted by the massive earthquake and tidal waves that hit southern and southeast Asia. Thousands are missing, millions are homeless, and the suffering and loss is immeasurable to those affected.

    We have members from some of the countries affected and hope they are safe and out of harms way.

    The United Nations said this disaester would become the biggest relief effort the world has ever seen. To those that want to contribute, the following is a partial list of aid agencies are accepting contributions to assist those affected by the earthquake and tidal waves in Asia.

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    Re: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    An unbelievably huge devastation and loss to so many people.
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    Re: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    It boggles the mind to see so much suffering and the faces of the survivors.

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    Re: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    Some of the video I have seen on TV is just heartwrenching. A mother clinging to her child who is now lifeless, what a sad time.

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    Smile Re: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    Gary, thanks for adding a post about this and more so for adding the links to make contributions. I will be contributing myself and will pass on the information to my friends. This is a horrible, horrible tragedy and my heart aches for the people in southeast Asia. May God be with them all throughout this time of grief.

    Are there any organizations you can recommend? I would rather contribute to an organization who is using 95 cents of each dollar I contribute for the victims than an organization using 50 cents of each dollar for victims.

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    Re: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    My niece is doing a world tour right now and she only left Thailand a few days before this struck....it was a close call. The distruction and disruption is immense and I feel the deepest sympathy for these poor folk.

    At times like these we need to remember that we are but tiny insects living on plates floating on a molten cauldron....the only reason we feel relatively secure is because our lives are extremely short and the world movements play out extremely slowly! If we watched a movie of Earth changes at say 100yrs/frame and 25frames/sec we just wouldn't want to risk living here!! Even this movie would last 500hours if you wanted to see it from the beginning! The trouble is when tension is released at one point on the continental plates, it loads up elsewhere...that's the way of the mechanics.

    For those who may be interested and don't already know, the Himalayan mountain range, for example, where Mt Everest resides, is only the result of two continental plates pushing together and the fringes either had to go up, down or slip unerneath each other....they went up!! What tickles me is that people find sea shells on the top of Everest!!! Yes, these mountains were under the sea at one point!

    I'm so grateful to be living in an era when science is making real progress with our understanding of the world and the cosmos.

    The destruction we see on television, due to nature, is unavoidable. At the same time, what really frustrates me and depresses me, in equal measures, is when you see transmissions from Iraq and you see the destruction which is self wrought then you just feel like packing it in. As you get older you realise what a pathetic bunch humans are....I am continually shocked, and bitterly disappointed by what individuals, groups and nations are prepared to do to each other.

    Let's try and pull together to help each other minimise the misery caused by the unavoidalbe natural crises but for goodness sake let's try to avoid the self inflicted, man made ones....


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    Re: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    I'm still really in shock over this event... A tsunami of this devastation has never been recorded before, My heart goes out to the people of these countries, Unfortunately my pocketbook can't as I've been without a job for a while... I just can't believe how far this thing reached, Unbelievable really... One thing that has struck me, is how so many countries with little or no interest in these countries are pulling together to send help, that's a positive note if there can even be one in this tragic event.... Let's put it this way, If the epicenter was about 10,000(I'm guessing, cant be far off the mark though) miles away from sri-lanka, and it hit 2 hours later, how fast do you think those waves were going? I already felt sorry for those people as poverty is rampant, how much can a human endure?? Anyways, it's put a dark cloud over my week so far.....

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    Unhappy Re: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    Let's put it this way, If the epicenter was about 10,000(I'm guessing, cant be far off the mark though) miles away from sri-lanka, and it hit 2 hours later, how fast do you think those waves were going?
    One expert on the CNN estimated the speed at 500 miles per hour. I have to say I am at a loss for words at the impact this has one all of us. It is heart wrenching to say the very least.

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    Unhappy Re: The Massive Earthquake and Tidal Wave

    Truly heartbreaking. This definately gives you a reality check on what really is important.

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