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Topic: Happy Hogmanay and Belated Birthday TMONAGHAN

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    Happy Hogmanay and Belated Birthday TMONAGHAN


    While I was away last week I neglected to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday and wishing you many more.

    So I will now wish you a Happy Hogmanay, or Scottish New Year, a little early! Tradition has it that your new year will be a prosperous one if, "at the strike of midnight, a person appears at your door with a lump of coal for the fire, or a cake or coin. In exchange, you offered him food, wine or a wee dram of whisky, or the traditional Het Pint, (ale, nutmeg and whisky)" and GPO . Groups of friends or family get together and go to each others' houses and gifts or "Hogmananys" are exchanged after the turn of midnight.

    Happy Hogmanay or Scottish New Year Tony (and to all our friends in Scotland). May your year be filled with good cheer and good health!

    Gary Garritan

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    Smile Re: Happy Hogmanay and Belated Birthday TMONAGHAN

    I think this would be good luck as long as there is no haggis (sp?) involved.

    Happy Birthday, Tony!

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    Re: Happy Hogmanay and Belated Birthday TMONAGHAN

    A wonderful birthday to you, Tony.


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    Re: Happy Hogmanay and Belated Birthday TMONAGHAN

    Chime chime chime~Happy Birthday Tony!

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    Re: Happy Hogmanay and Belated Birthday TMONAGHAN

    Thank you all for the happy birthday!!!

    Hogmanay is almost upon us and my kilt is back from the cleaners, I've polished the coal and ordered the 'carry oot'. I wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year when it comes...


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