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Topic: Andreas Vollenweider

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    Andreas Vollenweider

    Past midnight. Drifting through "Some Philosophical Thoughts on Using GPO” thread here at NS, and the generous String Ensemble Building Tutorial at Garritan website. I catch the name Andreas Vollenweider on the endorsement page. This kindles an online search for those sweet sounds. (He's got pluck.) What a surprise to find the "Tales of Kira Kutan" ....A symphonic novel in five chapters.


    or ---hmmm, URL hyperlinking (?)... Tales of Kira Kutan

    If above link does not "open sesame", one can access the Symphonic Chapters through his official mother page. 3rd icon (Music), to dropdown window (Videos). One click on KIRA KUTAN symphony (med connection) will load an image of the Warsaw concert. Click on pic to launch movie. This page holds a bountiful selection of clips, as well. In VOX, he speaks about the power of the Voice, both collective and personal.

    5 Chapters --So pretty ...the archaic wind instruments, Andreas (w/ those curls!) rockin' on the gu-cheng, Urszula Jankowska's voice with the Sinfonia Varsovia players. After all these years, I still sketch main melodies with Andreas Cave (sans the water FX) from a Roland xv5080.

    Thanks for the lullaby, A.V.

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    Re: Andreas Vollenweider

    I like him a lot...started listening to his work twenty years ago, and saw his band live several times. I'm not sure if he works with the same band, but at the time, that drummer he worked with was a seriously grooving guy--the band was a lot harder-edged in concert than on the albums, and the concerts were extremely enjoyable.

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    Re: Andreas Vollenweider

    I did work for him a couple of years ago, he is a gentlemen, was definitely one of the more enjoyable experiences in the music buzz, ... ;-)!

    His drummer is still the same guy, he is the other half of the Kaiser brothers (he and his brother play a lot on local Swiss productions).

    cheers, imusic

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