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Topic: sampler vsti's

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    sampler vsti's


    not sure if this is off topic, but I couldnt really find a good forum to post this in. My question is, what sampling vsti's do you all use and why? I am potentially seeking out to buying a lower-end sampler vsti to run in tracktion. Right now I use sfz, and I was thinking of getting sfz+ but then found out that theres no giga support. I have checked out shortcircuit which looks really awesome, but its kind of high priced at $149. What kind of stuff do you guys use? I really wouldnt want to go out and buy gigastudio, and I've been converting stuff to sf2 in the meantime. Im wondering if Im missing out on stuff.


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    Re: sampling vsti's

    You'd definitely miss out on GigaStudio functionality if you want to use third-generation libraries for the platform.

    Kontakt is nice. GigaStudio and Kontakt are probably the two most mature and forward-thinking sampler designs, very different but each with its own charms.

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    Re: sampler vsti's

    Being that you are on a strict budget, how about I suggest that you stick with sfz (it's a very capable little sampler in its own right!) and pick up Extreme Sample Convertor. It can convert Giga version 2 & 3 files directly to sfz format (and a bunch of others including soundfont, too). The list of formats can be found over at:


    And for only 40 Euro / 50 US, you've got it! A demo is available there, too.

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    Re: sampler vsti's

    I´ve been using Vsampler for maybe 2 years now and it worked fine and stable.

    and i will still be using it, though I have gigastudio 3 now, too.
    but I had more problems with GS3 in the 6 days I use it than with Vsampler in 2 years.....

    check Vsampler at: http://www.maz-sound.com

    happy new year,

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