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Topic: I-tunes and GS3

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    Cool I-tunes and GS3

    I know that it's unwise to put too many extra things on a Giga machine, but has anyone put i-tunes on the same machine as GS3? I did and now if you happen to run i-tunes before running GS3, GS3 won't open. It requires a complete shutdown of the computer and then restart in order to get GS3 version 3.04 to start up again. Everything works fine again, UNTIL you run the i-tunes program. That's on my machine. Just curious if anyone's had similar experiences.

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    Re: I-tunes and GS3

    i-Tunes loads programs at startup so I woudl think it is a bad idea. I love i-Tunes but it has created problems for Windows PC like not being able to write CDRs at max. speed.

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    Re: I-tunes and GS3

    I have iTunes on the same pc as Giga3. I have similar problems. I now only run one or the other during a session. If I need Giga after I've used iTunes I just reboot.

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    Re: I-tunes and GS3

    You could prevent the iTunes processes from loading at startup.

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