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Topic: Playing Giga With a Drumset

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    Playing Giga With a Drumset

    I am setting up a new MIDI drumset in my studio. I have an old Alesis D4 that I can use to convert trigger to MIDI, but does anyone here have experience playing Giga drums with something other than a keyboard (duck when you even mention this to a drummer). I read a long thread about the Scarbee Imperial drums, and there was a lot of talk about controlling sounds with the mod wheel etc, but nothing of how to configure the set to work with trigger pads. Any thoughts?



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    Re: Playing Giga With a Drumset

    I have an Alesis DM5 that I use with GS3. Works great with Larry Seyer's drums. I've been planning to try some programming with iMIDI to improve it for live drumming, but haven't gotten around to it yet. For instance, there are multiple snare and kit hits, and I'd like to round-robin those to mask any machine gun effect. The mod-wheel controls how close to the center/rim the hit was. I'd like to auto-modulate that as well for fun. Until someone comes up with a mod wheel on a drum stick, I'll either need to auto-modulate, or draw in the mod-wheel curves after the fact.


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    Re: Playing Giga With a Drumset

    I think the Seyer drums use a series different samples for the snare. It seems that the sound varies a little each time I swat the pad.

    I think I have come up with a velocity sensitive HiHat: Use a kick pedal/trigger, in conjunction with a a switch. The trigger would provide a velocity sensitive means of triggering the closing hi hat sound, the switch would tell the D4 that the alternate (clamped) sound should be triggered when hitting the hat, and the open hat sound would be triggered as usual. The D4 uses a novel but frustrating way to trigger the closing hat sound. It uses the velocity of the last closed hat strike as the value to apply to the clamping sound (since the D4 uses a simple on/off switch to trigger the clamping sound). This sort of works, but drives drummers crazy. Am I reinventing the wheel here?



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    Re: Playing Giga With a Drumset

    Cool idea about the hi-hat velocity. My DM5 uses the same "novel" algorithm as your DM4.


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