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Topic: Wow - Gigapulse!!! (template set-up)?

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    Wow - Gigapulse!!! (template set-up)?

    I can't believe I waiting so long to enter the fray on GS 3.04! Gigapulse is worth the upgrade. It is absolutely 'pure butter'.

    Question to you heavy users. Which GP settings are you using on your orchestral templates? I have one loaded and it uses about 14% (I have 3.0 and 2.66 ghz machines - 2 gig ram).

    I am thinking the a 'front' (strings), 'middle' (woodwinds), and 'rear' (brass and percussion) set-up in AUX's would be idea, at least for my template.

    Can anyone share which presets / settings works the best for this?

    Many thanks in advance.

    ( I must say that both registration and tech support have been very professional with me so far.)

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Wow - Gigapulse!!! (template set-up)?

    I like the Medium Hall preset with dual mics & positions ("multi" on - one yellow pair and one blue pair). You'll want to experiment with different seating widths to suit your tastes. Adjust the "Perspective" control on the three instances to control how wet they are. You may find that you need to adjust the volumes compared to normal GS3 usage - the rear instruments will be quieter than the front ones. It's correct physically, but may not produce the mixes you are used to.

    And you're right - it's butter.

    Personally, though, the faster load times are surprisingly important for me. I used to fret over templates. Now I just build as I go. My 1GB of RAM goes a long way now. With templates we want more and more instruments. Using the build-as-you-go process, there's no fat. It's very efficient and allows me more creativity.

    That said, a simple 3-layer GPulse template is a good way to go.


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    Re: Wow - Gigapulse!!! (template set-up)?

    Thanks Jon,

    Some fantastic ideas, I appreciate them.

    Rob Elliott Music

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