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Topic: Amplitube LE?

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    Amplitube LE?

    Amplitube LE? Worth it or not? Or should I just keep saving for Izotope's Trash?

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    Re: Amplitube LE?

    Yeah, I'd love to, but its out there for me at this point. Amplitube seems to be well received, although this is a pretty slimmed down version, it is quite a bit cheaper at 99 bucks. Izotope's Trash has a lot of presets and isn't outside the realm of possibility, but I haven't heard a lot said about it around here.

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    Re: Amplitube LE?

    I guess that would depend on what you want to do. I know many people really love Izotope's Trash.

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    Re: Amplitube LE?

    I just need a good multipurpose distortion/overdrive amp plugin. I would like it to be capable of a 'clean' amp sound as well. I'm not looking to break the bank either. That's why I'm looking at Trash. It looks very tweakable as well. This is one type of plugin that I don't think I'll mind turning knobs in.

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    Re: Amplitube LE?

    I like Greenmachine Amp 2 from Wurr Audio (especially at $89). I think as far as preamp sounds go it is maybe the most natural and authentic. Izotope Trash is awesome too. The thing I like doing its pairing Greenamps preamp with Trash's truley superior Speaker modeling. They both work good on their own too.

    The downside is that they are both kinda CPU hungry. But IMHO, a small price to pay for something that blows most amp sims out of the water.

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