Is anyone experiencing Quicksound Database Corruption problems? I've reformated the C drive (system) the D drive (giga files) and am about ready to go to the painful execution of reformating the E drive.

For some reason right after I loaded the free sounds download from VSL it all went to !@#$ in a hand basket! Thinking it might be a virus, I completely reformated everything and did clean installs. (I recopied all of the gig sound files back over from computer #2) I can load in existing templates but there is nothing listed in my hard drives-not even folders! (on the left pane)

Oh yeah, I've already thrown out the db folder in the Tascam folder and done the quicksound update and it doesn't even recognize drive E. Drive D is recognized but it doesn't list the sounds! I know this may sound a bit confusing (it is for me) but if anyone has a clue please let me know. I actually make my living with these things and it's killing me!