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Topic: Kurzweil PC2X As MIDI Controller

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    Kurzweil PC2X As MIDI Controller

    Does anyone here have experience using the Kurzweil PC2X as a master MIDI controller? I'm in the process of upgrading my studio, and one of my priorities is finding a master keyboard that will give me lots of options for adding dynamic expressiveness to my orchestral simulations. I'll be using the new controller in a Pro Tools LE environment, and I'll be working with EWQLSO Gold.

    Also, does anyone have any opinions on how the PC2X compares to other controllers from Roland or Yamaha? Thanks!

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    Re: Kurzweil PC2X As MIDI Controller

    FWIW I have the old PC88MX which works quite well. Seems to be pretty well built. I've got enough wheels and sliders for mapping to controllers.

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    Re: Kurzweil PC2X As MIDI Controller

    I've used my PC2x for a couple of years now with excellent results. I just started using it for Giga 3 and a couple of softsynths. Because of the weighted action, it's a little hard to emulate synth or B-3 sounds accurately. For pianos and such, it has been my work horse.


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