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Topic: SoundCard Advice for Newbie

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    SoundCard Advice for Newbie

    I am looking for a cheap PCI soundcard for my PC. I am running a GS3 on a PC and using a Mac G5 as my sequencer. I need a PCI soundcard that has ADAT. I am also running MIDIoverLAN CP so I don't need a midi connection.

    I looked at all the M-Audio PCI soundcards but done have ADAT. I want to have this soundcard connect from the PC into my MOTU 828 through ADAT. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

    Thank you

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    Re: SoundCard Advice for Newbie

    You won't find a cheap one for what you want. Maybe look at some of Frontier Design's cards. I think they have one under $300 that may work for you.

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