Hello everyone,
I've been browsing this form for specs on a new pc that I'm going to build. There are a lot of positive opinions on the asus p4p800 deluxe. But this board doesn't support the newer faster processors. I also still have two sek'd/marian prodif plus pci audiointerfaces that I want to use in my newer system together with a scsi-card for communication with my hardware samplers. The newer pci-xpress boards are no option. So I was thinking of this system:

asus p5p800 mobo
p4 530 3.0 Ghz processor(which I can replace with something faster in 12 months or so)
Zalman CNPS 7700CU proc-cooler
4 pieces of 512Mb DDR pc3200 kingston memory
Zalman zm400b power-supply
Matrox G550 32Mb dual head videocard
2 Seagate 160Gb s-ata harddrives for samples and audio
1 80 Gb ide system drive
build in a 4HE 19-inch iec-820 pc case with 1 12cm papst casefan

What do you think of this. I'm looking foreward to your comments, and wish everyone a happy newyear allready