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Topic: no gigapulse?

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    no gigapulse?

    When I load the WS guitar it has gigapulse imbedded and I can make changes to the settings. When I try to insert a gigapulse instance on a different channel, the drop down box selections of NFX and VST appear, but when I click on NFX, I get a Nemesys reverb and gigapulse is not listed. Is it possible that when I loaded GS3 (Ensemble) I choose to not install gigapulse?

    If that's the case, should I simply uninstall and then reinstall, or should I simply install the 3.04 update that I have not done yet, and would that take care of gigapulse not being listed as available?

    Thanks folks for any help

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    Re: no gigapulse?

    Ensemble only supports libraries with built-in GigaPulses. It doesn't allow you to roll your own. For that you need Orchestra.

    The Vienna samples and full GigaPulse were the reasons I went full boat. (I had GS 96 before.) The unlimited poly and eight channels are nice, but alone they wouldn't have been enough for me to go for all the marbles. Throw the full GPulse and VGS into the hat and it's a pretty killer upgrade.


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    Re: no gigapulse?

    I can't believe it
    I was told the only difference was voices and midi ports. I should not have listened to the Guitar center dood
    I just emailed Tascam with a request for an upgrade price, I just bought GS3 Ensemble December 14th.
    Thanks Jon!

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    Re: no gigapulse?

    If I remember the upgrade pricing from memory, the price to go straight for Orchestra, or to go there in steps is the same. That's based on the list price though. Guitar Center and other distributors may offer deeper discounts on Orchestra than Ensemble.

    Best of luck on pricing and shipment speed.

    BTW, does Ensemble come in the wooden box? I still smile when I see the GS3 Orchestra wooden box on my shelf.


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    Re: no gigapulse?

    Cardboard that looks like wood from 100 feet away. I'm gonna call Guitar Center and tell them that I want the upgrade at 10% above their cost
    he he he, we'll see what happens. I doubt anything
    Thanks Jon for your prompt response, you're a good guy!


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