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Topic: Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

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    Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

    Let's wish one of our esteemed composers Craig Reeves a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    December 30th is Craig's Birthday

    Craig has done some of the most amazing music.

    Thanks for sharing your music and being a part of our community Community.

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many many more!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

    Happy Birthday Craig. Don't party too hard.

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    Re: Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

    Happy Birthday Craig!


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    Re: Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

    DUDE! We have the same B-day! AWESOME! Happy 30th B-Day!

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Thumbs up Re: Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

    Wow, so many December birthdays! What was all these mom and dad's thinking?


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    Re: Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

    I have, in the back of my head (near the remaining fringe of hair), this idea that Craig and Christopher are not only brothers, but twins. I'm not sure why I'm thinking this but, if correct, this should be a Birthday wish for both. Anybody know if I'm out to lunch on this one?


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    Re: Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

    Have a great birthday Graig.


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    Re: Happy Birthday Craig Reeves

    Ahhhh you guys!!

    And yes Chris and me are twins so that makes it his birthday too.

    With THAT being said.....

    Ladies and gentlemen! (Wait, no, just LADIES)

    I am now 21 years old, and ya all know what THAT means, right????

    How about some of you hot ladiez come on down to my crib and we can all pop a bottle of bubbly and get our groove on, eh?

    Gary and Tom are NOT invited because all the ladies in the place will be paying attention to THEM and not me so SORRY GUYS, but I gotta get my MACK on now that I'm old enough to drink.....hehehehehe...

    so come and join me at Club Garritan (memberships available.......hehehehehehe)

    (I've already got 10 ladies coming on down....but about 6 of them wouldn't come unless I promised Styxx would be there)

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