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Topic: 2* M-Audio Audiophiles in one computer?

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    2* M-Audio Audiophiles in one computer?

    Is it possible? I would like one to route sound to my mixer, and the other to receive this input - so I avoid the feedback (is this method possible at all?)

    If I cant put two audiophiles in one computer, how about to other soundcards? I just say Audiophile becuase thats what I'm comfortable with.

    My initial thought was, "of course I can"... But then I thought about the control panel etc - how that would be handled.

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    Re: 2* M-Audio Audiophiles in one computer?


    You can put up to four M-Audio Delta series cards in one computer. Each card shows up as a radio button in the "H/w Installed" box in the control panel tray, so you can configure each card individually.

    I have two systems that have two Audiophile 2496 cards each. I also have a system that has one Delta 1010 and three Delta Dio 2496 cards (essentially an Audiophile 2496 card without MIDI) installed. All work fine.


    - Steve

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