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Topic: Some music

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    Some music


    here's some music I'm working on. Its Gold, Sam's, Siss mini and some Advanced orchestra.

    http://www.archisounds.com/my_hometown_2.mp3 (3Mb)

    Thanks for listening

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    Re: Some music

    Very nice Luca! Has a great quirky feel like a comedy which in my opinion is some of the more difficult things to write. Great voice leading and choices in harmonic content.

    This sounds like EWQLSO Gold - yes? Nice mix and clean arrangement. Nice flute trill at 0:15. Watch the volume of the cymbal around 0:29 & 0:31. The soft strings sound good from 0:41 Nice transition and smooth voice leading. At 1:20 the string line needs to be lengthened slightly because it abruptly cuts off. Beautiful transition at 1:30 to the end.

    I really like this piece! Great job - keep it up man!


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    Re: Some music

    Thanks Frederick!

    I lowered the cymbals and timps in the update.

    Hope sounds better.


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    Re: Some music

    Sounds lovely. You use a very big dynamic contrast, very bravely. But I did have to turn up my amplifer to hear the lovely quiet music. The shape of the excerpt is odd, 1/3 loud then 2/3 quiet -- but this is just a fragment, a work in progress, right?

    [edit] -- and I think I disagree with sharmy's comment at 0:22 -- I like that, something like Tchaikovsky might do (check the beginning of Sleeping Beauty ballet). [/edit]

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    Re: Some music

    Was prompted to listen again to the prologue of Sleeping Beauty -- not quite the same as your music, but almost an identical overall profile: loud then very quiet. A fair use (I hope) fragment is here:


    Wonderful music, and interesting to see how it fills out the mp3 format we all work with.

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    Re: Some music

    Sharmy: thanks, your words have a great value to me, so I'm really glad for your comment. I also have to publicy say that I owe you many of my improvements, indeed. About details, I agree most of them, sometimes I leave parts a bit too alone. Working on it.

    Guglielmo: thank you very much. Yeah, right, I should use some volume compensation on final mixes, the volume jump is too audible. About composition, I play mostly my stuff seeing them in a sort of cinematic way more than in a composing balancement way. So it becomes quiet very soon because I've imagined a fast scene that stops on a certain action, as what happens to us when in the middle of a taxi run in town we see a familiar place that we didnt see for years, like an old house. Its like an abrupt tenderness.

    Many thanks for your comments


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    Re: Some music

    Hi Luca,

    Sophisticated and delicate orchestration as always. Especially like the strings at :09 and :18. Struggled to hear need for improvement and could only find Brass at :30 maybe a little louder than required.

    1:07 is your signature harmony that I always listen for. Thanks for posting.

    I owe you some music. My comps are nowhere near where they could be if I had some time away from my job and that's my pitiful excuse.

    Happy New Year,

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