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Topic: work in progress

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    work in progress


    I'm trying to do my second orchestral composition, and this is what I have so far...


    Please give me lots and lots of advice It's not the usual type I think, some of the instruments I think sound messed.....keep in mind I have no formal music training as of now, so please explain everything I do wrong. And this was another labor for me to do of course, with my computer specs And in case you missed it this was my first composition.

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    Re: work in progress

    This has a lot of potential 'The' and my advice to you is to keep on progressing at this rate....great stuff .....let's hear it again when you've finished.


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    Re: work in progress

    Great start - sounds like it's got a lot of potential

    I particullary enjoyed the brass theme.

    Try to think about which elements in your music are meant to be in the foreground, and which are in the background. At the moment everything seems to be fight for attention. Orchestral musicians are masters of holding back their power so the main melody can shine (even brass players! ).

    Of course, at the moment you want everyone to let rip don't be afraid to go for a full texture.

    Post some more so we can see how your getting along.
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    Re: work in progress

    This is good like your last song. My only advice now is to keep working as everything is ok. Maybe lower the volume and add slightly more reverb. Its a bit loud and dry.

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