h'lo all,

in reference to my very long post (somewhere down below this one) regarding GS3 & midi interfaces, etc., a question.

Back last year running GS 2.5, I recall one time when I had two midi interfaces networked (a total of 16 ins/outs) and once, when I opened Giga, I looked at the drop-down menu in set-up and saw all 16 ins/outs. That is, I was offered;
Port 1 on MTPAV
Port 2 on MTPAV
...etc., all the way down to...
Port 16 on MTPAV

That's how it *was*. But now, running GS3 - even though the interface driver/software (Clockworks) sees all 16 in/outs - GS3 is still reporting;
Port 1 on MTPAV
Port 2 on MTPAV
...only down to...
Port 8 on MTPAV

So, my question would be, how do I get GS3 and/or Windows XP to "re-scan" my interfaces and allow GS3 to recognize all 16 ins/outs?

*MANY* thanks for your suggestions,

bill myers