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Topic: Arioso

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    This is the organ piece "Arioso" squozed into a GPO orchestra.
    And this is a quick and dirty GPO organ rendition just for comparison: ariosoorgan.mp3 .

    The sheet music said it was written by Handel, but apparently its not. Maybe Harry Handel. Anyway, its played some in our church and I think occasionally at weddings. I really liked it and was about to make it my sonic 'raison d'être' till I found it wasn't authentic Handel.

    I took a few liberties with it--At this stage with GPO, I'm trying to wean myself from the GPO woodwinds, and did my first real ensemble strings. I find myself reaching for the piccolo trumpets instead of getting the right sound out of the GPO trumpets. Also, I used the Sir reverb. Too much? Too little?

    Any comments, good or bad, are welcome! Thanks for listening.


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    Re: Arioso

    If you like the piece, don't let the composer's name influence your decision to perform it. It is very lovely. If we only played the music by well-known composers, think how much great music we might miss. George or Harry, who cares. Go for it. By the way, what you have done is lovely.


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    Re: Arioso

    That's very nice Squoze. I don't think I know the piece but I love his Water music. The Ariosa varies from great throughout to being neck hair risingly lovely at times.

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