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Topic: naked strings clothed

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    naked strings clothed

    In the immortal words of one of us on this forum, my 'naked strings' example a few weeks ago did not get much love. So there is an updated version now, still a slow fugue exposition for strings, but with a new countersubject in pizzicato and more and more care in tuning and expression.

    Uses Garritan Orchestral Strings (GOS), VSL solo strings, Advanced Orchestra strings and oboe, a Kurzweil flute, a few high 'cello pizz notes from EWQLSO, and just a bit of EWQLSO gold trombone at the end. Sequenced in sonar, recorded in samplitude, gigastudio 3 (but no gigapulse, the only reverb and eq done in sam).

    direct link here

    or http://www.soundclick.com/util/Downl...cfm?ID=1825643

    This is the beginning of part III of a three part, 11 minute overture for orchestra. Other parts and other music at www.soundclick.com/guglielmo .

    Comments, criticism too, with or without love, very much appreciated!


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    Re: naked strings clothed

    Hi again.

    Now the strings are almost in tune. Not exactly but a lot closer than in the previous versions. The beginning is close enough and the first note that disturbed me is the Ab in about one fourth from the beginning which is really flat. I still can't understand why you want to ruin the tuning of your samples.

    Concerning the sound, first you should add a little reverb to the clip. Not too much but some to smoothen the sound. The strings don't play legato but the transitions between notes are less awkward than in the previous version. There are still problems in the transitions especially in the latter half but it's getting closer. Are you using the VSL legato tool? If the solo strings work like the Opus1 strings then you have to tweak the "Release time" parameter in the Performance Tool. It is necessary for the VSL legato strings to sound decent as the 20 ms default value leaves gaps between the notes.

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    Re: naked strings clothed

    Hi, janila, thank you for listening again. That note you mentioned is perhaps an F -- there's no A sharp anywhere, nor a Bb? But there is a bad sounding high viola F -- and it answers your other question, why bother to alter these sounds ... http://www.guglielmomusic.com/f_example.mp3 has the three components: AO viola, which is usually a little sharp, is flat on this note (first) then GOS which is usually flat is in basically in tune, but you can hear the poor playing of the recording, where the viola ensemble failed to agree on a pitch and are out of tune with themselves (second) then VSL solo, which is erratic but flat on this pitch and has a little scrape at the end of the sample.

    Or maybe (did you edit your message?) it was a G sharp, and in this case, the leading tone in A minor key should be quite flat (in my tuning), so all the g sharps are 12 cents flatter than the A tonic which is itself already 12 cents flatter than an A=440 equal temperament. That tuning sounds right to me, not wrong, but it could be that I've hypnotised myself into this just intonation madness. I'll keep working on reverb, lately have been very careful with it after wreaking havoc with other recordings by adjusting based on a small section then applying it to a whole piece.

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    Re: naked strings clothed

    Quote Originally Posted by gugliel
    there's no A sharp anywhere
    A flat, Ab. Or G sharp.

    That tuning sounds right to me, not wrong, but it could be that I've hypnotised myself into this just intonation madness.
    Frankly your tuning sounds terrible to me. I haven't even tried the Advanced Orchestra or the VSL solo violins but GOS and other VSL samples are in tune with some rare exceptions. Don't you have trouble listening to commercial music as your perception of tuning seems to be somewhat personal?

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    Re: naked strings clothed

    Janila, thank you again! You're a prince/princess!

    Your comment about the g sharp made me revisit the fugue answer once more, and perhaps it was a wrong note. Making a tonal answer to a fugue subject is a little challenging, and in minor mode it can be doubly hard. So your ears objected (i think) not to the tuning, which was the same in all the many g sharps in this excerpt, but to the use of an augmented second, minor mode flatted sixth to raised seventh.

    Changing the answer so that it briefly modulates to the key of the dominant in version 2 gets rid of the augmented second. It sounds right on the piano now, so I'll make a trial using the time-eating sequencer and samples. Happy new year.

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    Re: naked strings clothed

    Have a happy and prosperous year yourself. I'll look forward to new versions and songs from you. I hope you have noticed that there is nothing negative in my comments, my form of construcitiveness is rather blunt.

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