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Topic: HELP! Trying to d/l Kompakt/kontakt fixes

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    HELP! Trying to d/l Kompakt/kontakt fixes

    Hello, I was going to post this in the NI Kompakt forum but it appears to have VERY few posters lately.
    I am doing the below on my brothers computer while he is over in the Gulf.
    I have had Kontakt & Kompakt on my PC and am trying to fix his up.

    I am trying to update Kompakt version 1.00.002 and I go to the NI site and find the file to download.
    See Windows Kompakt 1.0.1b Update zip, halfway down
    Windows: Kompakt 1.0.1b Update .zip

    I downloaded some DFD fixes and they are working, but I cant get the D/l window to open for these. I go into the Registration tool in Kompakt and it says it is authorized. I tried to register again and it wants the serial number that was used in the AUTH/REGISTRATION.
    I have the system ID and authorization info but I have no idea where the case is with serial #.

    Any help with letting me know what kind of mindlock is occuring to me would be soooo welcome. Thanks In Advance .. Ken

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    Re: HELP! Trying to d/l Kompakt/kontakt fixes

    If you are looking for the serial number that came in the box with Kontakt, Just open your Kontakt player by clicking on the NI icon on the top right of the player and the serial number will be there with the version info.
    Hope that helps,
    Happy New Year!
    Don't look at me for help, I'm a Guitar Player.

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