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Topic: Most efficient way to route GP

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    Most efficient way to route GP

    Hi there,

    Just got my copies of GS 3.04 and want to know the best (most efficient way - during composing) to set up GP routing.

    Searching I found this idea from Gamera:

    I can run 3-4 instances of Gigapulse on my PIV/2.4. It sounds awesome!

    Here's something I do to get a "stage placement" mock up:

    Load up two or three Groups with the same Gigapulse preset and enable L/R placements for instances 1 & 2 respectively or L/C/R placements for instances 1, 2 & 3 respectively. Then route accordingly from the DSP inputs to the groups for stage Left/Center/Right. With enough power, you could use four instances for center Front/Back in addition to Left/Right.


    Gamera (others) - could you give this one more time with a tad more detail for the 'routing challenged'

    Looks like the 3 instance rountine would be best. As it says in the manual, setting the input channels to 'pre', is best for GP but I really don't want to PAN with midi (lose information???).

    Thanks inadvance for any help you can be.


    (GS 3.04 - what a leap in funtionality!!! Outstanding.)
    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP

    To start, one trick I do is go into System Settings into the Mixer/Disk Engine tab and only enable the amount of Group and Input channels that I need. This saves a bit of CPU from the default, and channels can be added later as needed.

    So, with three stereo Group channels, put the same Gigapulse patch on each one. In the Gigapulse on Group #1, click on placement #1. In the Gigapulse on Group #2, click on placement #5. In the Gigapulse on Group #3, click on placement #9.

    Now you'll have to go back & forth a bit between the MIDI Mixer and DSP Station. Assign DSP Station Input channels you want in the left side of the stereo field to Group #1, ones you want in the center to Group #2 and ones you want on the right to Group #3. You can assign more than one DSP Station Input channel to a Group channel so you can still individually process instruments by assigning them their own DSP Station Input channel from the MIDI Mixer and assigning them to a Group (position).

    Essentially, this is the same kind of routing that could be done with an analog mixer. The difference is that Gigapulse allows the placement in the stereo field as an audio group effect. There's plenty of room for experimentation with the different placements. You could go 1, 5 & 9 as above or 3,5, & 7 for a narrower field or 10, 14 & 18 for a distant field or 11,5 & 17 to bring a solo instrument up front & center compared to the rest of the music.


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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP

    Thanks G for the thorough explanation. I totally see what you are doing now. Great idea for a working space during composing. Also nice idea on saving on group and/or input channels.

    Which 'mic replacements' have you found to be the best for general orchestral. I rather like the 'roundness' of the U87, but also find 'none - flat' to be very good. Any ideas/suggestions here.

    One last question, on a P4 2.7 and 3.0 machines, what have you found the best setting for polyphony and stealing notes (I'd be pleased with 250-300 notes with 60 'stealing'.) What would be the setting to get me there. It seems if I set it at 250 I only get 200 but if I set it at 500 I get 300-350???

    I imagine the more notes I get the less resources I have for loaded up the template (which is probably priority).

    Thanks again.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP


    This thread inspired me to work on my GPulse template today. Here's what I've done:

    I've gone with three GPulse instances: front, mid and rear. They are in the first three DSP groups. Each uses the Medium Hall and U47 mics. In each case I use the L & R mics (stage). I go with True Stereo and use Multi, which allows two mics and two sources in each instance.

    Front: Seats 2 & 9
    Mid: Seats 4 & 6
    Rear: Seats 12 & 16

    I bumped up the perspective on the Front and Mids slightly.

    I then use nine DSP inputs to set the Left, Center and Right panning. I may go with more at some point, if I need to fine tune the positions for certain instruments.

    On the DSP inputs I set the Width to about 40 on each channel, and then tweaked the panning as needed.

    For kicks I made a demo of the template results. It's 100% Vienna Giga Symphony. On my A64 3000+ with 1 GB RAM it takes 37% of the CPU at idle and 71% of RAM. In addition to every VGS 24-bit sample, I've also loaded the Bos 290 and the GM500 drums for my metronome. I have Sonar running alongside Giga on the same machine.

    The demo is here: http://fairhurst.com/jon/music/JonFa...Pulse_Test.mp3

    It was all done in one pass. The only post-process was some volume maximization and the conversion to 320kbps mp3.



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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP

    cool results Jon and good plan - I'll give it a try. One thing - have you tried the 'large hall' -everything else being the same? Maybe to 'swimming' - but worth a try. I would be curious to hear them A/B. This medium hall is 'clear' but maybe a larger hall would an option.

    My hard drive on my DAW gave up the ghost today or else I would try it right away

    Thanks again - sounds terrific.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP

    Hi Rob,

    Happy New Year. Here's the large hall demo...


    Some notes: The tutti at the begining of the piece knocked the walls down. I ended up lowering each of my DSP inputs by 6 dB. Then the volume maximixer distorted the tutti. The low frequency rumble must have confused the algorithm. I ended up manually knocking down the tutti before maximizing. Now it's really lost its dynamics! Oh well, it's good enough for the purposes of the demo.

    Overall, I prefer the medium hall with the perspective adjusted to taste. The boominess of the large hall can cause too many problems when doing a wide dynamic mix. The bass drum really explodes while the woodwinds end up lost in the soup.

    It was a good exercise and gave me some appreciation of the problems that recording engineers face when recording in large spaces.


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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP

    Wow very good experient. I agree the med hall gives 'room around the sections'. Many thanks for running the large hall.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP


    This is probably a dumb question - but how do you get two seperate mic positions in 'true stereo'? I have tried everything and the manual seems fuzzy on this.

    When in true stereo I get the L/R as 'yellow' and am allowed only ONE placement #1-18.

    I have tried reloading a couple time to no avail. Of course I select "multi", but when I try to 'pick' the second placement, the "multi" light goes out and the placement I just picked goes on and the placement that was lighted yellow on the other side of the stage goes off.

    In summary, I can select L/R, but only one placement while in true stereo.

    I have GS 3.04.

    Any ideas?

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP

    Hi There,

    Is anyone else seeing this issue of not being able to get two mic placements in true stereo mode?

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Most efficient way to route GP

    The manual isn't as clear as it could be in this area. Here's the step by step...

    With GigaPulse open and one of the 7-mic/18-seat spaces (e.g. medium hall),

    - Select "True Stereo" from the drop-down list.
    - Click the left mic
    - Click the left seat
    - Press and hold the Ctrl button
    - Click the right mic (it now shows "..")
    - Click the right seat
    - Release the Ctrl button. The right pair should turn blue.

    Other procedures probably work as well. The above is what I do.


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