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Topic: Need advice on soundcard, speakers, etc.

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    Need advice on soundcard, speakers, etc.

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I've been doing my research on sample libraries for a while, and I'm about to put my money down on Garritan Personal Orchestra. I need some advice, though...

    My motherboard is an NForce2 board, which among other things means that it has on-board audio. Based on what I've read, it seems that I should really look into getting a PCI card with better professional driver support. The Audiophile 2496 has been recommended, and that is probably what I will purchase. However, I noticed that this card only has RCA outputs, while my current Cambridge SoundWorks speakers use a 1/8 in. jack. These speakers are powered (through the subwoofer) but they are small (and beginning to distort), and I'm willing to invest a little in some nicer speakers. So can anybody suggest some relatively high-quality powered speakers that could use the RCA outputs from the Audiophile 2496? Or would headphones perhaps be a better option?

    Next: My current system is an Athlon XP 2500+ (benchmarks around the level of a P4 2.4Ghz) with 1 GB of DDR memory. While I know I can run GPO/Sibelius 3 with this setup, can I do it without pulling my hair out? I don't need the fastest workstation around, but crawling isn't an option for me. (I will probably be upgrading to an Athlon64 by March anyway - so will the XP 2500 hold me over in the meantime?)

    Thanks to everyone in advance for their help. I look forward to further involvement in the GPO community.

    - Jonathan

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    Re: Need advice on soundcard, speakers, etc.

    BTW, it just occurred to me that I might be able to use a set of nice passive speakers that I already own. I have access to a Sony 500 watt receiver/amplifier. Perhaps I could go from the RCA outs on the Audiophile to the RCA inputs on the amp, and then plug my speakers into the speaker outputs on the amp. Any thoughts on this? I'm all for saving money...

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    Re: Need advice on soundcard, speakers, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by neoTypic
    Well, two things to consider:

    First, it also has a stereo digital output. Second you can buy a mini-jack (1/8") coupler and a mini-jack to RCA cable all for about 6 bucks at your local Radio Shack.

    Your second plan sounds like it should work in theory.
    Okay, thanks for the response.

    Another question, if you don't mind: Am I correct in thinking that I won't need to purchase a separate MIDI interface if I buy the Audiophile 2496? All I need is the ability to hook my controller up to my PC.

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    Re: Need advice on soundcard, speakers, etc.

    Thanks so much. You've been extremely helpful.

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